Enjoy a time of fellowship with our BPC family every Sunday immediately following our worship service. Each month is hosted by one of many committees that serve in our congregation.

Stitch ‘N Stuff News

We are always happy to have new people join us. You may have some fresh ideas that we always enjoy having. We meet Thursday mornings in Clayton Hall from 10 ’til noon or stay for lunch by bringing a brown bag lunch.


 Our meetings are the first Wednesday of each month at 10:30 AM. Everyone is invited. Come and see firsthand all the various programs your church is involved in. We are always open to new programs and ideas.


The deadline for the GraceVine each month is the 20th.  Please have your articles in by that time. You can send them to our Editor: Gail Bucher at nomtns96@gmail.com or put them in the GraceVine box here at the church.



 We request volunteers for both inside and outside maintenance of the church building and grounds.  We work from 9:00 until 11:00 am each Thursday.  Come enjoy the satisfying fellowship while serving Christ!


Dairy Queen on Palm Beach

The second Sunday of every month, you eat lunch and the church receives money! That’s right, the second Sunday of every month Dairy Queen on Palm Beach will donate 10% of all their monies collected between 11:30 and 2:30 to Buckingham Presbyterian Church. You may eat in or go through their drive up window. All proceeds taken during that timeframe BPC will receive 10%.


Their $5.00 meal is hard to beat. You get a deluxe hamburger or chicken fingers, French fries, a drink and a Sundae for $5.00. Or what about their Peanut Buster Parfait or their Heath Bar Blizzard? Ice cream cakes are good also.


They have also given us coupons for even more discounts. You may find these coupons on the table in the narthex. The coupons have an expiration of 5/31/17, pay no attention to that, DQ will honor them.


Support a local business and they

in turn will help support our church!

Tice School, 2017        

Undie Sunday/Back to School Program

Thank you for all the beautiful quilts. We were able to deliver 75 of them to the school for pre-K to use for their nap time. Now it is time for our annual Undie Sunday/Back to School drive. All items must be brought into the church by Sunday, July 30th. The school will be giving the items out on Saturday, Aug 5th.


The list of items needed this year is as follows:

Facial Tissues

Ziploc bags (large and small)

Underwear and socks (all sizes from pre-K to pre teen)

Gently used boys and girls jeans and shorts

Training bras

We have found that we can buy backpacks in bulk for a large discounted price so if you would prefer to donate cash, that would be very beneficial.


    PLEASE take a moment and visit the Memorial Garden. A team of people have worked hard to make it more accessible. Even for the ones with mobility issues.

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